"If there’s a little glow from time to time, as through a man darkly, let’s just chalk that up to the Grace that keeps this world." Dear God, may we all so glow.

Appreciate your words, sir.

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So good, John. A had a couple reflections of that light upon reading this, and I'm gonna share them.

1. Due mostly to Mindy, I've been able to write and housekeep and mourn since she died, but that comfort isn't lasting forever and I feel stubborn dread at having to return to work for anyone outside myself. (My sense is I'm not the only Type 4 who feels this way.) But I *have* worked many jobs like this––including a stint under the brown shield––and your writing from within that space offers some hope and peace.

2. When I was 12 years old, I felt callings to be a writer *and* a pastor, and Rick McKinley was my youth pastor back then and he's steadily encouraged me toward the former and away from the latter, and I think part of his drive in that was to your point: the Glow can be cast through anyone in any occupation at any time God pleases.

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